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Profile for Kearny - Digital Media & Design
Digital Media and Design
Kearny High Educational Complex
7651 Wellington St.
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 496-8370
(858) 278-6349 - Fax
Cheryl Hibbein
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Are you interested in Hollywood? In media? Art? The School of Digital Media and Design (DMD) allows students to develop exemplary communication skills through authentic, media-based experiences in an environment of high academic and social expectations. DMD is a state-of-the-art media program ideal for students with an interest in graphic arts, multimedia production and journalism. Students learn academics through a variety of forms of self-expression including: graphic design, fashion design, animation, film production.

School Industry Sector Information

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Career Pathways:

Courses Receiving College Credit

Courses Offered

Arts, Media, and Entertainment
-Arts, Media and Entertainment
    Broadcast Journalism
    Digital Art & Mixed Media
    Computerized Graphic Design
    Multimedia Production

Manufacturing and Product Development
-Manufactoring and Product Development
    Computerized Graphic Design

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