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Profile for Crawford - IDEA
Crawford Complex
4191 Colts Way
San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 583-2502
(619) 582-4173 - Fax
Diego Gutierrez
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Like building things with your hands? Maybe you like to design buildings or work on cars. The Invention and Design Educational Academy (IDEA) uses an engineering and architectural foundation to provide students with personalized opportunities to explore how new inventions and technologies shape not only their lives, but also their community, country, and the world. In addition, IDEA is home to a state-of-the-art Auto Technology Lab where students can earn college credit and complete a NATEF certified Auto Technology Program.

School Industry Sector Information

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Industry Sectors/Pathways:
Architectural & Structural Engineering
Engineering, Transportation

Courses Receiving College Credit

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Courses Offered

Arts, Media, and Entertainment
-Arts, Media and Entertainment
    Computerized Graphic Design

Building Trades and Construction
-Building Trades and Construction
    Civil Engineering and Architecture
    Computer Aided Drafting

Engineering and Design
-Engineering and Design
    Civil Engineering and Architecture

Manufacturing and Product Development
-Manufactoring and Product Development
    Computerized Graphic Design

    Automotive Technology

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