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Profile for Scripps Ranch
Scripps Ranch High School
10410 Treena St.
San Diego, CA 92131
(858) 621-9020
(858) 621-0604 - Fax
Ann Menna
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Are you interested in a safe school that stresses academics along with letting students explore their passions? SRHS offers a rigorous curriculum for all your needs. The school offers two Small Learning Communities: the Academy of Finance and the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism. Other areas of concentration include Graphic Design, Child Development, Construction, JROTC, and Multimedia Productions. Staff members will treat you with respect and hold you to a high level of personal behavior and responsibility. We have a welcoming environment where the well-being of all students is a priority.

School Industry Sector Information

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Industry Sectors/Pathways

Courses Offered

Arts, Media, and Entertainment
-Arts, Media and Entertainment
    Computerized Graphic Design
    Video Production
    Multimedia Production

Building Trades and Construction
-Building Trades and Construction
    Construction, General
    Construction Technology

Education, Child Development, and Family Services
-Education, Child Development and Family Services
    Developmental Psychology of Children
    Intro to Teaching & Learning

Engineering and Design
-Engineering and Design
    Engineering Principles

Finance and Business
-Finance and Business
    Business Management & Ownership

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
-Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
    Culinary Arts & Management

Information Technology
-Information Technology
    Video Production

Manufacturing and Product Development
-Manufactoring and Product Development
    Screen Printing
    Computerized Graphic Design

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