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Profile for Crawford - CHAMPS
Crawford Complex
4191 Colts Way
San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 583-2500
(619) 229-9088 - Fax
Reashon Villery
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Ever thought of being a doctor? Nurse? Maybe you love to explore the world of health careers... a hot high-demand industry. The Community Health and Medical Practices School (CHAMPS) offers students a dynamic learning environment that supports trust, mutual respect and the pursuit of excellence. Students interested in the field of health and medicine will participate in hands-on projects, hospital field trips, community service programs and internships. Students learn about the human body, advancements in medical and dental procedures and technology, biotechnology, nutrition, and personal health.

School Industry Sector Information

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Industry Sectors/Pathways:

Courses Receiving College Credit

Courses Offered

Environmental and Natural Resources
-Environmental and Natural Resources

Health Science and Medical Technology
-Health Science and Medical Technology
    Healthcare Essentials

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