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Profile for SDHS - MVPA
SDHS Educational Complex
1405 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 252-7455
(619) 744-7680
Kirk Ankeney
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School Pathways Document

From drawing to design and dancing to directing, students at the School of Media, Visual and Performing Arts balance artistic development with academics that prepares them to attend a college or university with a focus in the arts. Students have the opportunity to study vocal and instrumental music, dance, illustration, television production and theatrical studies. Unique Activities at the School of the Arts include:
  • Caver Marching Band
  • Productions with San Diego City College
  • Kokopeli Mariachi Performers
  • Midway Magic Mondays
  • San Diego Museum of Fine Art Artist in
  • Residence Program
  • San Diego Opera/OASIS Seniors Project and many more programs to choose from!
School Industry Sector Information

Industry Sectors/Pathways:
Human Resources
Legal and Government Services

Courses Offered

Arts, Media, and Entertainment
-Arts, Media and Entertainment
    Web Site Design
    Video Production
    Multimedia Production
    Digital Art & Mixed Media

Information Technology
-Information Technology
    Video Production

Marketing, Sales, and Service
-Marketing, Sales and Services
    Marketing, Meetings & Special Events

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