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Profile for Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

Does working in a hotel look fun to you? Do you love to cook? The Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation sector provides students with skills necessary to work in hotels, restaurants, theme parks, and other tourism related businesses. San Diego, in particular, has many opportunities in this area. The sector has three types of related career pathways: Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition; Food Service and Hospitality; and Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation.

Internships in this program may occur in hotels, theme parks, or restaurants.

Schools with these pathways:
Colleges with these pathways:
Sample Courses:
  • Culinary Arts & Management
  • Foods, Gourmet & International Foods
  • Hospitality, Tourism
Sample Jobs:
  • Chef
  • Hotel Manager
  • Front Desk Hotel Clerk
  • Hospital Dietician

Career Examples

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