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Profile for Finance and Business

Finance and Business

Pathways: Click Here for a Map of Local Businesses
  • Accounting Services
  • Banking and Related Services
  • Business Financial Management
Do you like money or advising people about money? Then the exciting field of finance and business might be right for you. You can specialize in accounting and money handling, including computer applications, taxes, investments, and asset management. Because almost every business organization has an accounting department, if you have knowledge of accounting you will fi nd that the doors will be open for many other career paths in addition to those in finance and business.

Internships in this program may occur in banks, accounting firms, or insurance companies.

Schools with these pathways:Colleges with these pathways:Sample Courses:
  • Business and Computer Applications
  • Business and Financial Markets
  • Business Management and Ownership
  • Computerized Accounting
Sample Jobs:
  • Accountant
  • Stock Broker
  • Insurance Underwriter

Career Examples

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