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Profile for Grossmont College
Grossmont College
8800 Grossmont College Dr.
El Cajon, CA 92020
(619) 644-7000

President Sunita V. Cooke

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The primary mission of Grossmont College is to serve the broad and diverse community of individuals who seek to benefit from the college`s wide range of educational programs and services. In order to fulfill its commitment to student learning, the college provides:
  • Instructional programs that meet student needs for transfer education, vocational and career education
  • General education and developmental courses, community education programs and services
  • Programs that promote economic, civic, and cultural development
To facilitate this mission, Grossmont College provides a comprehensive range of support services including: outreach and access initiatives, academic and learning resources, student development programs, and multicultural and co-curricular activities.
As part of its mission, Grossmont College pursues these values:

Promote Student Success through Educational Excellence

Excellence in teaching and learning is at the heart of what Grossmont College believes. As a learning community, we further believe that achieving student success is our focus and our challenge.

Seek and Sustain High Quality Staff

Student success is achieved when the learner has been provided with a set of experiences compatible with their learning style. The experiences represent a pathway for the learner surrounded by the human touch. No other experience is more significant than the interaction occurring between the learner and a member of the staff, be it faculty, classified, or manager. It is for this reason that we view the staff as the cornerstone of our institution.

Provide Access

We believe in providing the highest quality education for all students seeking a post-secondary experience locally, regionally, statewide, nationally and internationally. We are committed to serving students who seek an invigorating and challenging experience and who are prepared to partner with the institution and accept responsibility for their learning.

Promote and Value Diversity

Our responsibility as an institution of higher learning is to prepare learners to become responsible and contributing members of society. At the same time, we must encourage free thought, the expression of ideas and a search for the truth. As such, we welcome and embrace learners of all ages and learners with different backgrounds and experiences. We believe in the richness offered through diversity and understand that our learning community is a global village from where the institution can draw strength.

Promote an Environment Conducive to Building Harmonious Relationships

We understand the need to create and sustain an environment where individuals feel they are an integral part of the institution. We also know that people perform at their highest potential when they feel valued and know their contributions are acknowledged and appreciated. We believe in building a sense of community and we believe in the dignity and self-worth of the individual. We furthermore know that trust and confidence must be preserved and that effective communications must prevail at all times.

Maintain and Engage Community Relationships

Our community is a significant part of our identity. We believe we should engage in a close relationship with the community in order to contribute to the quality of life desired. We represent a resource to the community and we are prepared to assume a strategic role in helping build a better community within our sphere of influence.

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