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Profile for Miramar College
Miramar College
10440 Black Mtn. Road
San Diego, CA 92126

President Patricia Hsieh

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If you’re looking for a college where your professors know your name, in an atmosphere of friendliness and warmth, you belong at Miramar College! It is hassle-free higher education with a single goal: your academic success through quality instruction and extraordinary caring. Miramar will prepare you for a career in the hottest fields around -- automotive, alternative fuels and hybrid car technologies, FAA-certified aviation, electronic music and engineering, biotechnology, or as a firefighter, law enforcement, EMT or lifeguard. Come to Miramar College – You will feel right at home as you prepare for an awesome future!
Miramar College opened as a training facility for San Diego law enforcement personnel and firefighters in 1969. The 125-acre campus has been growing to meet student needs. The past decade has seen the construction of a high-tech computer business center, library, police academy, child development center, digital media lab, online bullpen, classrooms for SDSU`s Higher Education Center at Miramar College, and the first phases of a 32-acre athletic complex, including the largest aquatic complex in San Diego County. Each semester, about 12,000 individuals of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds attend Miramar College classes.
Miramar College has a mission to prepare students to succeed in a changing world within an environment that values excellence in learning, teaching, innovation and diversity.


Student access, learning and success for students from basic skills through college level
The preparation of students for degrees, jobs, careers and transfer, as well as personal growth and career advancement
The ability to recognize and respond to opportunities
A collegiate college community with mutual respect, courtesy and appreciation
Accomplishments of individuals, groups and the college as a whole
Diversity of our students, staff, faculty and programs
Creativity and excellence in teaching, learning and service
Collaboration and partnerships
Shared governance and communication
Sustainable practices in construction, curriculum and campus culture
Quality, flexibility, and innovation


Student learning and success will be the focus of all we do.
San Diego Miramar College will develop as a college that identifies student access, learning and success as the touchstone to guide planning, set priorities and measure effectiveness.
Miramar College will have an inviting and accessible campus that attracts students.
Miramar College will be a hub of education, diversity, recreation and services to the community.

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