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Profile for University of California San Diego
UC San Diego
9500 Gilman Dr.,
La Jolla, CA 92093
(858) 534-2230

Chancellor, Marye Anne Fox

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University of California at San Diego (UCSD)

(1 of 9 University of California undergraduate campuses with 6 colleges within the university)

All majors available at all colleges; colleges have different core curricula, gen. ed. requirements, and themes.

Earl Warren:- students pursue a major of their choice in 1 of 3 areas:

Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences: requires courses in each of the other 2 areas as well; required writing program, Warren Writing 10A and 10 B, explores complex and controversial social issues; required course (taught by faculty from Philosophy and Political Science Departments), Ethics and Society, introduces students to the analysis of critical ethical issues

Eleanor Roosevelt: focus on global and multicultural economy of the 21st century; through required 6-quarter (2 yr) course, Making of the Modern World, students study different cultures and civilizations, learn history, and gain an understanding of community

John Muir: more choice at this school (individual choice makes it easier to pursue individually crafted Muir Special Projects majors (cross-discipline), double majors, or minors at Muir College): choose from a range of 3-course sequences to fulfill gen. ed. requirements: 1 in Math (Calculus) or Natural Sciences, 1 in Social Sciences, 2 from Fine Arts, Humanities or Foreign Languages; 2-course required writing sequence, Muir College Writing Program, focuses on critical thinking and crafting expository prose.

Revelle: oldest school with many traditions; rigorous calculus and proficiency in foreign language required; 3 courses in a discipline unrelated to major required; 5-course writing sequence, Humanities, incorporates writing, history, literature and philosophy

Sixth College: focus is on art and technology and how people in different societies use these elements of culture both to express themselves and in their interactions with nature and each other; required year-long course with embedded writing program is Culture, Art and Technology (CAT); focus on inquiry and discovery through writing, communication and composition of media as well as development of skills for working in collaborative teams and with diverse groups; upper division practicum in service-learning promotes civic engagement and engages students in research at the University

Thurgood Marshall promotes culture of community involvement and multiculturalism; the only college that offers a minor in community service; required 3-quarter (1 yr) writing program, Dimensions of Culture, explores race, identity, imagination, tradition, and U.S. law; students can prepare to serve as tutors and mentors through PAL (Partners at Learning) public service option (with Preuss School)

UC San Diego is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through excellence in education and research at the undergraduate, graduate, professional school and postdoctoral levels. The campus is committed to community engagement, public service and industry partnerships in order to advance the health and well-being of our region, state, nation and the world. Our academic community of world-renowned faculty, bright students and dedicated staff is characterized by a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation which spans the globe.

To foster the best possible working and learning environment, our university strives to maintain a climate of fairness, cooperation, and professionalism, which is embodied in our campus Principles of Community. UC San Diego embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential ingredients of academic excellence in higher education.

UC San Diego`s rich variety of academic disciplines ensures you will find a major that suits your skills and interests. Look into the many excellent degree programs, ranging from traditional to innovative, offered by academic departments, as well as an exciting selection of degrees offered by interdisciplinary academic programs, such as computing and the arts, earth sciences, and international studies.

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